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Limitless Sky is the remarkable true story of David's initiation in the Himalayas - the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that proved more challenging and, ultimately, life-affirming than anything he could have imagined.

Limitless Sky shares the wisdom and insights learnt from this transformational training in the Himalayas. These include practical guidance on how to live a full and fearless life, how to find happiness and how to live in ways that nurture both ourselves and others. As David reveals, the life lessons he learned in the jungled foothills of the Eastern Himalayas could benefit us all today.

Limitless Sky by David Charles Manners


Limitless Sky by David Charles Manners, published by Random/Penguin

Random House/Penguin, London

September 2015

Limitless Sky by David Charles Manners, published by Kuraldışı Yayınları, Istanbul, Turkey

Kuraldışı Yayınları, Istanbul, Turkey

December 2015

Limitless Sky by David Charles Manners, published by Vaga, Vilnius, Lithuania

Vaga, Vilnius, Lithuania

October 2015

More Praise for Limitless Sky

"A stunning book, which I found enthralling … a journey so vividly expressed and so seductive that the reader takes it all in easily and hungrily. Above all, I love the bravery, curiosity and honesty that streams from this immense adventure … A really remarkable and compelling book, full of wisdom, humour and beauty."

Dame Joanna Lumley

"A thoughtful and strange and often startling account of going deeper than most Westerners do into the Nepalese tradition and philosophy... wonderful descriptions ..."

Libby Purves, BBC Radio 4

"LIMITLESS SKY is an extraordinary quest... Its author, David Charles Manners, is a man worth watching. One can only marvel at what will flow next from his enchanted pen."

Tahir Shah, author

"An incredibly heartbreaking true story. Forget Eat, Pray, Love or The Power of Now, this book is the real deal with heart and soul... David's story is completely unparalleled and profoundly transformative. I really felt the author was presenting a brave and honest account of his experience, which made me so invested in the tale."

Malcolm Clarke, author

"The most incredible sharing of truth ... I found myself wanting to write it all down – or better transcribe it onto my heart! Just so true, powerful & illuminating."

Eminé Kali Rushton, Wellbeing Director, Psychologies Magazine

"Thank you for the TRULY transformative gift of this book, your story, and every morsel of beautiful knowledge within! Thank you for what you are passing on into the world – it is love incarnate... your book has become my new favorite gift to give!"

Joyce Di Donato, mezzo-soprano

"Absorbing, informative and surprising. I read it over a weekend and felt hugely inspired."

Richard Jones, Director

"Wholly unique and transformative : Limitless Sky is beyond a book. It is a rich and life- changing collection of knowledge and anecdote that can, if one truly embraces it, utterly transform a limited perspective of life. David has done a great service to humanity in meticulously transcribing the jhankri’s philosophy and so vividly recounting the wisdom imparted by the various other individuals he encountered on this Indian Iliad.



It is part novel, part encyclopedia and part spiritual text. It is erudite, humorous, sensual and provocative. It is full of insights that generously contribute to an essential discourse about how we might make sense of this ‘living’ that we are all united by and to articulate how we might obliterate the perceived differences that keep us detached from our true natures.

But most of all Limitless Sky is a profound work of art... It seems clear that David embarked on this odyssey of awakening initially for personal reasons but he has ensured that the fruits of his journey are now out in the open for us all to ingest and be nourished by. Perhaps it was with an unwitting sense of what he was to become that he first met this shaman, but in skillfully recounting his travels, he has delivered a powerful gift for us all to vicariously be changed by. A change that begins with words on a page and with digestion and an open heart has the power to ‘enrich the ordinary’ and utterly shift the standpoint of our daily lives.

I closed the book with increased fervor to ruthlessly examine the choices I am making about how to use what time remains of my own life, and that of course will have an effect on all those I come into contact with.

'It is wondrous, all this, all you, all me.' – Limitless Sky"

Ben Wright, Director/Choreographer

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