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The Lessening of Difference


Picture credit: Chris Nash

"This stunning new piece of dance-theatre – a unique collaboration with author David Charles Manners (In the Shadow of Crows) – ignites dynamic and inventive connections between performers and audience to create an unforgettable experience."

Dance Consortium

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"Exquisite writing"

The Stage

"The Lessening of Difference is marked by the input of writer David Charles Manners, a remarkable polyglot who’s been an actor, stage designer and author of the bestselling book 'In The Shadow of Crows'... Ben Wright has set out to beguile his audience with an ode to intimacy. He projects us into a world where everybody has a potential soulmate, and where love is the controlling force. An essential part of its charm is David Charles Manners’s text – love poems back-projected on to the stage, and monologues delivered by four dancers... The whole piece is a delightful package, entertaining and well executed."

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

"An intense, beautiful piece of theatre."

Western Morning News

"A sincere, sweet-natured study of intimacy and the sometimes delicate levels of love and desire pulsating between people... its real connective tissue is the written word, specifically the work of David Charles Manners, whose poems are periodically spoken aloud or projected... sensitive, observant and sometimes lovelorn texts."

The Times

"In this haunting theatrical meditation on the subject of intimacy, Ben Wright has produced something incredibly special, if not wholly flawless. Working in collaboration with writer, David Charles Manners, Wright offers us a fractured, non-narrative piece that allows the psychological impact of love and loss to physically and vocally breathe... Probing, bonkers, but ultimately life affirming, 'The Lessening of Difference' leaves you effervescent with compassion and aching for a hug."

Sarah Wilkinson, The Stage

"Manners’ writing is certainly rich and meaningful."


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